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So What is New for Zieher

Zieher a brand that is synonymous with dramatic food presentations and buffet systems has introduced many new concepts. This is just a quick introduction to the endless possibilities of the following collections:

Curve is the curvy sibling of the Squareline and Skyline systems. The three systems can share all components to maximize product usage. Add curve to create a new presentation or to “freshen” things up.

Curve by Zieher

Neo – Made out of matte anthracite / carbon colored resin. Neo can be illuminated to showcase seven different colors.

Neo by Zieher

Classy – The silky matte resin evokes classical materials such as Italian marble or alabaster. Use without light to create a soft, classy ambiance or light it up and change the mood.

Classy by Zieher

Stablo – Add the anthracite colored resin cooler to the stablo range. Don’t forget to light it up!

Stablo by Zieher

Konkret – Neutral, minimalistic and contemporary. Konkret is the perfect system for industrial design concepts and buffet presentations. Made out of resin and fiberglass, Konkret is available in two colors.

Konkret by Zieher

Artisan – Gorgeous trays and bowls that are cleverly hammered and polished inside while having a matt finish outside. Although they are made out of stainless steel, the rim is beautifully accented by brass, creating even more contrast.

Artisan by Zieher

Vision – Game changer glassware. Hand-blown glasses made to highlight wine characteristics (rich, balanced) and not by varietal (burgundy, etc.).

Vision by Zieher

Pueblo – Matte and shiny, rudimentary and organic shapes. The Pueblo stoneware is all about soft, natural beauty.

Pueblo by Zieher

Ice – Dinnerware made out of compressed glass chips. This process creates a particular effect that resembles ice.

Ice by Zieher

Wings – Unique and creative hollowware, a definite eye catcher.

Wings by Zieher

Vaganza – Handmade crystalline flute glass. Enhance the character in the most dramatic way.

Vaganza by Zieher