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A Beginners Guide to Fine Glassware Buying

So you are clueless about how to buy fine glassware. No problem, below are 10 tips to get you started. If you have more questions we are happy to sort it out.

1- Know your basics: Reds like wide rims, whites like narrow rims and sparkling likes long bowls.

2- Define use: Are you a wine bar, caterer, restaurant or a hotel. Needs, storage and handling are different.

3- Big no no’s: Lead glass, chunky stems and cloudy glasses.

4- The quality of the wine and the price you charge for it, both have a direct impact on the glass you choose. And so do your ratings. If you are charging X$, your customers expect high quality glassware.

5- Cost control: Know your pour line. Every extra ounce affects your bottom line.

6- Styling: Classic will work anywhere but modern shapes will not. Modern styles include angular glass cuts and unusual shapes. Classic shapes are oval and round. Stemless options are perceived as the new hot thing but they are truly old school and create a comfortable ambiance.

7- Know your port wines and grappas: Or at least serve them in the proper glasses. Present, impress, success!

8- Glass racks are your friends: Find the best fit for each glass to ensure a safe wash and transport.

9-Polish your glassware the right way: Hold the bowl when cleaning it. Do not twist the stem or you are forcing it to break in the process.

10- There are dozens of styles out there for every spirit, shake and beer. If you are not a wings or a burger joint, drop the beer mug.

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